Repeat Daily

“If it were that important, I would have remembered it” is a big fat lie we tell ourselves. Our abundant use of sticky notes, electronic organizers and calendars on the refrigerator attest to the fact that we function best with constant reminders. When God first gave instructions to the Israelites, he knew his people would need daily reminders. The most important information is not absorbed instantly — it is steeped into our hearts through repetition. Today, tell your children again about God’s wisdom and love. They need to be reminded as much as you do. Make a week-long plan for sharing with your kids what you know about God and stick it on your fridge.

Deuteronomy 6:6

Reflect & Pray:

*How natural is it for you to talk about God with your children?

*Would your children say that God is the center of your life?

*In what ways do you demonstrate to your children your love and reverence for God?

Taken from NIV Busy Mom’s Bible


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