The One and Only

We search for the right college, career, house or husband. When we find the right one, we know. The excitement of a discovery can make us shout, “This is the one!” But of all the decisions we make in a lifetime, nothing is as exciting as deciding to follow Jesus Christ. That choice is different from any other decision we will ever make; Jesus is not one of many options, he is the only option if we want to have a life of abundance and freedom. If Jesus is the One, nothing else can make that claim. We can’t trust our ultimate security and well-being to a company, career, government, or even a husband. Our ultimate allegiance must belong to Jesus alone.

Matthew 16:16


*Review your most important relationships — with your company, your friends, your church. Has your allegiance to any of them surpassed your allegiance to Jesus Christ?

*Why must your ultimate allegiance be to Jesus?

*What steps can you take to return your ultimate allegiance to Jesus?

Taken from NIV Busy Dad’s Bible


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