Teaching our Children

The family, throughout Scripture, is considered to be the basic channel for the moral and practical teaching of children. Within the home, children are to learn the praises of the Lord and his strengths and works, daily self-discipline and the history of God’s people.

Historically, the instruction of children was to be in three basic areas:

*Religious education. Children were expected to learn the Law in order to become a kingdom of priests and a holy people (Ex 19:6).

*Occupational skills. Children learned trades in an apprentice environment and took on such responsibilities at an early age (1Sa 16:11).

*Military strategy and skills. Agility and courage were emphasized (2Sa 22:34).

Oral instruction was prevalent, with an emphasis on recitation of historical exploits, proverbs and the Torah (the first five books of the Bible). Instruction was to be daily—highly repetitive and behavior- oriented— so that lessons might be committed to memory and result in action.

Women were a vital link in teaching their own children and mentoring younger women. They were also trained in professional skills.

The first mention of education in a public setting is one in which the people of God are commanded to read the covenant publicly once every seven years in the presence of all the people (Dt 31:10–13). Parents are admonished to teach with love and responsibility (Eph 6:4–7) and children to learn with an attitude of respect (Ex 20:12; Lev 19:3).

Psalms 78

Taken from The Woman’s Study Bible


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