Focus on Relationship

David wanted to show kindness to those of Saul’s household “for Jonathan’s sake” (2 Samuel 9:1). Though he could have destroyed Saul’s family to eliminate any competition for the throne of Israel, David had no such motive in his heart. Instead, he wanted to extend the love he had experienced from his close friend Jonathan  to Jonathan’s family. His mind was not on revenge; instead he wanted to show his gratitude.

We experience times in life when we have been wronged. For example, we may feel wronged when someone deceives, hurts or abandons us. While we should protect our hearts as much as possible from injury (see Proverbs 4:23), we need to leave revenge to God. Our focus should be to turn back to relationship, having the best relationship possible with all the people we know. To be motivated by love and gratitude, and to express those feelings as much as we can, is the fullest life possible.

2 Sameul 9

Taken from NIV Life Journey Bible


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