Growing in Christ

Spiritual discipline is essential for Christian growth and development. Though at first painful, spiritual discipline resulting from obedience and faith produces abundant blessings (Heb 12:11). Every believer should seek to become disciplined in order to grow spiritually.

Spiritual discipline is a continual process that helps the believer mature in Christ and know God’s will. It is as much an attitude of commitment as it is an activity in holiness. Specific spiritual disciplines may include personal training in Bible study, prayer, worship, fellowship, service or witnessing, among other godly practices. A conscientious, creative pursuit of these spiritual disciplines should continue throughout a believer’s life (Heb 6:11–12).

Spiritual discipline is essential to deliverance from the power of sin and obedience to God’s will. Without spiritual discipline, believers cannot walk with Christ, grow in faith or receive the heavenly rewards awaiting those who diligently practice spiritual discipline.

Hebrews 6:11-12

Taken from The Woman’s Study Bible


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