Work for It

The Bible is very clear about the difference between someone who is poor and someone who is merely lazy. Many people have nothing because they make no effort to help themselves. This is unacceptable. Yet, there are a lot of lazy people in our society.

This issue often becomes political when it’s actually a Biblical issue. God expects us to work with all of our skills to provide for our family. Then we are to teach our family to provide for themselves, and that should continue into future generations. To instill this value in our children and help them appreciate the difference between laziness and hard work, it’s a good idea to work together as a family to accomplish chores and other projects around the house.

Getting your children involved may slow down a task a bit or mean that something isn’t done exactly as you would have liked it. But remember, that’s okay because in the long run you are teaching them how to work. Focus on the big picture. That’s most important.

Proverbs 10:4

Parenting Principle

Give a child everything, and they will never stop taking. Teach a child to work, and they will never stop giving.

Points to Ponder

*How do you define a hard worker?

*What age-appropriate chores are your children learning?

*What is a way that you could work together more as a family?

Taken from Once a Day Nurturing Great Kids


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