Biblical Model of Integrity

Some mistakenly associate the word integrity only with reputation—an external appearance. True integrity is a quality of character—an inward reality that refers to singleness of heart or mind, the development of a blameless character by adhering to an exemplary moral code. The Biblical model of integrity is marked by several distinct features:

*innocent actions (Ge 20:5);

*a clear conscience (Ac 24:16; Heb 13:18);

*fear of God, truthfulness and opposition to covetousness (Ex 18:21);

*blamelessness and uprightness (Job 2:3; Ps 25:21);

*righteousness (Ps 7:8);

*freedom from that which is shameful, crafty or deceitful (2Co 4:2);

*refusal to serve idols (Ps 24:3–5);

*disassociation with evildoers (Ps 26:4);

*honorable behavior (2Co 8:21; 1Pe 2:12).

The Hebrews understood that:

*integrity of heart guides a person into right and rewarding situations (Pr 11:3);

*integrity is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice (Pr 21:3); and

*a person’s integrity silences critics (1Pe 2:13–17).

Integrity provides a mindset toward righteousness and an abiding intent to do the will of God and to walk in his ways.

Taken from The Woman’s Study Bible


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