Living Upright

When a family member has integrity, it is a gift to the rest of the home. Remove that integrity, and the feelings toward that family member will be changed.

Families that thrive are full of upright individuals who seek each other’s guidance and prosper together. What do you do to expose any areas in your family that lack integrity? In a healthy family, a lack of integrity will surface more quickly because the lack is not the norm. In an unhealthy family, it won’t be exposed as easily because it will be hidden among other issues. You need to look closely at each family member’s life and address areas where integrity is lacking. This effort may be uncomfortable, but it’s necessary to maintain integrity in the home.

If your child shows signs of lacking integrity, you need to confront this issue quickly and remind them of Proverbs 11:3. Help them to instill more integrity in their life.  Always live with integrity and you will always experience the guidance of God.

Proverbs 11:3

Points to Ponder

*Is your family high in integrity? Are you?

*Where does your family need help with integrity? How can you help?

*Are you building barriers of protection around your family in this area? How?

Taken from Once a Day Nurturing Great Kids


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