So Should We

*How do you feel when you do something generous?

*How do you feel when someone shares with you?

These verses from Acts describe the way that Christians lived in the early church. They devoted themselves to learning about God and each other. They spent time together and shared what they had. And even more impressively, if one of them didn’t have enough, the others would sell what they had to provide for the person in need. There’s no reason to think that God doesn’t want Christians of today to behave in the same way. When one of our brothers or sisters in Christ is in need, we should help. We should share our resources — time, money, belongings, talents, energy — to help those who need help.

The body of Christ is designed to work together. If we ignore a brother or sister’s need, we are ignoring Jesus, and we are weakening the body of Christ. The early church had it rough. They faced significant persecution. But they worked together, and they stayed strong. So should we.

Acts 2:42-47

Taken from Once a Day At the Table


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