The Shoe of Peace

“Time has been given to you for one reason. Your time has been given to you in order to accomplish your destiny. Time is consistent with destiny and purpose.” Tony Evans

Lord, Your Word tells us to be careful how we walk because the days are evil, and the time to pursue our purpose draws shorter with each day. You also tell us to walk in shoes of peace. When we live with peace as a mindset, it enables us to be careful how we walk. Because when we walk in peace in our relationship together, we don’t waste all of that time arguing, fighting, or responding in unkind ways. So much of our marriage has been lost to those moments where we did not choose to be careful how we walked, to use our time wisely and to walk in peace. God, forgive us. Let that not be the norm moving forward.

Rather, I pray for myself right now that, as Moses said, You will teach me to number my days in order that I will have a mindset of gratitude toward my spouse and the moments we do have together. Teach us to not waste our time on frivolous activities which do not bring us closer to Your purpose or on unproductive disagreements rooted in selfishness. Both of us have a great purpose to live out so enable us to be time-givers to each other rather than time-stealers. And we will do this by choosing peace as the atmosphere for our home. When peace is the atmosphere of our home, we are freed up to pursue purpose more fully. In Christ’s name, amen.

Ephesians 5:16-16


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