Fair and Impartial

One function of leaders in Old Testament times was to help settle disagreements. These leaders needed to be wise and discerning as they heard both sides of a story, sorted through details, then determined a fair and impartial solution. Their God-given objective was to give the little people the same kind of hearing they gave to the rich and powerful.

What about leaders today? Good leaders in business, government and education must be able to see the core of an issue, be open to all points of view until all the evidence is in and be utterly fair and unbiased.

But notice that in many who wield power in our day, the spiritual dimension is lacking. Ultimately, all leaders answer to God, not just to those whom they lead. Think of how much better the government and marketplace would function if men and women would recognize that they are accountable to an all-seeing, impartial God who will someday do a performance evaluation of them!

Taken from NIV The Journey Bible


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