The Helmet of Salvation

“God gave Adam a suitable helper to his need to carry out the instruction God had previously given, and that is to rule. God didn’t give Eve to Adam just so he could have some company. God gave Eve to Adam so that he could have someone to collaborate with in achieving the goal for which he had been created. God didn’t fashion Eve out of nothing just so she could exist. He fashioned Eve out of Adam’s rib so that she could have someone with whom to collaborate in her divine purpose of dominion.” Tony Evans

Lord, in Christ’s death, burial and resurrection, He secured for us a seat with You and Him in the heavenly places. The heavenly places are where our spiritual warfare is waged. Thank You for the power that is given to us through salvation—power not only for eternity but power to wage victorious spiritual warfare while on earth. You created us, man and woman, with the purpose of ruling in the domain and spheres of influence You have appointed us to rule in. As a couple, we are able to carry that rule out even better than we could have done on our own because we are here to support and help each other.

Remind us who we are in Christ and where we are seated, but also remind us who our spouse is in Christ and where they are seated. This will affect our words with each other, our honor to each other and the passion and motivation we give to each other in helping each other pursue their purpose from You. In Christ’s name, amen.

Ephesians 2:4-6


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