The Sword of the Spirit

“There are some wives who get an anniversary present every year. Their husband comes home from work, takes his wife out to dinner, gives her a great gift, and makes a big deal about that special day. But that’s it. The wife doesn’t hear from him in ways of love, affection and appreciation for the rest of the year. But she knows that next year on their anniversary, there is going to be another great present, nice date and some kind words. Do you think those wives are satisfied with that relationship? Or do you think that they would gladly trade in an annual anniversary day for a consistent 364 days a year that were faithful and consistent and full of communication? Yet that’s what so many of us do with God.” Tony Evans

Lord, spending time with each other as a couple is a priority and should be a priority in our marriage. But spending time with You in Your Word and in Your presence is critical to having a victorious marriage, especially as it relates to us fulfilling the purpose You have given to us. Help us, Father, to make it a priority to abide in You and Your Word. Help us to do this as a couple but also as individuals. We don’t want to get so caught up in family, activities and even in serving You and each other that we forget the importance of being still in Your presence and making Your Word something we spend time both in and with regularly.

You say clearly that if we abide in You and Your word, we can ask whatever we want and You will do it. You will bring us to our intended destination and satisfy us as a couple in fulfilling our individual purposes as well as our joint purposes. The key to living out our purpose is found in abiding in You and Your Word.

It is Your Word that will win our battles—it is the sword of the Spirit which will cancel the lies of the enemy that cause us to want to give up pursuing Your plan. It is the sword of the Spirit, Your Word, that will give us wisdom to refrain from the distractions of our own flesh. Help us make time in Your Word something we do more frequently than we do now. Show us creative ways to do this, and we thank You in advance for both hearing and answering this prayer. In Christ’s name, amen.

John 15:7


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