An Awesome Responsibility

Jewish culture accepted women in positions of leadership. Though highly valued and given a new dignity by Christ, the roles of women were different from those of the men Christ selected for leadership positions. No woman was called, commissioned or named as one of the twelve apostles. Yet women gave to Christ, served him, fellowshipped with him, learned from him, prayed for him and testified of him as the Savior. They provided leadership through their service.

Leadership is an awesome responsibility, demanding spiritual preparation grounded in consistent personal devotional time (Mt 6:33). Leaders must also seek godly counsel (Pr 15:22). They must work willingly and energetically (Ecc 9:10). Essential ingredients in leadership include creativity, encouragement of others (Pr 15:23; 25:11), inspiration (Pr 16:24; 17:22), expressions of gratitude (Ps 13:6; 69:30; Eph 5:20) and a servant’s heart (Pr 3:27; Mt 23:11).

Abigail’s unique leadership of her household staff included a servant’s heart and boldness, which was tempered with restraint and discretion (1Sa 25:23–33). Abigail exerted great influence over David when she persuaded him not to kill Nabal. In fact, David later recognized that Abigail changed the direction of his life.

People must consistently be more important than tasks. Self-sacrifice, gentleness, service without expected reward, patience, kindness, nurturing of relationships, mercy—all these qualities are a part of the Lord’s leadership. We see exemplified in the Lord himself those qualities which are necessary in all godly leaders.

Proverbs 15:22-23

Taken from The Woman’s Study Bible


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