Agreeing with God

Confession is a significant element in the worship of God in both Old and New Testaments. Declaration and acknowledgment are a part of the believer’s confession of faith. Scripture convicts the individual to acknowledge sin and receive forgiveness (Ps 32:5; Pr 28:13; 1Jn 1:9). James admonished believers to confess sin to others and restore fellowship (Jas 5:16). Jesus offered confession of faith and commitment to God (Mt 10:32–33; Lk 12:8). Confession is a necessary part of reconciliation and restoration; its opposite is denial of wrongdoing, which leads to alienation within a relationship.

When the believer confesses personal sin and professes faith in Christ, then God will faithfully and justly forgive sin and cleanse unrighteousness (1Jn 1:9). Confession is essential to the believer’s relationship with God and to a fellowship with other people.

Psalms 32:5

Taken from NIV Woman’s Study Bible


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