Happily Ever After

*Will you read a book or watch a movie if you know it has an unhappy ending? Explain.

*What are you looking forward to most in heaven? Why?

When you’re grieving, the hurt and sorrow can seem endless. Wave after wave of pain crashes down on you. You can feel your strength draining away. In times like these, it’s natural to ask, “Will it ever end?” The good news? The answer is yes. Revelation 21 gives us a glimpse of eternity in heaven — and grief, pain and suffering are nowhere in sight.

The reason is simple. In heaven there will be no more death. Unlike earth, where best friends, beloved grandparents, friendly neighbors, young kids and countless really, really good people die every day, heaven is all living, all the time.

That may not seem like much of a consolation to someone who’s suffered a devastating loss here on earth. But if we hold on to that truth — if we trust that God always keeps his promises — we will find comfort.

Revelation 21:3

Taken from Once a Day At the Table


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