Don’t Give In

This verse applies to either a son or daughter and, like never before, we need to talk openly and age-appropriately about how sin is enticing. Sin is perceived crazy fun — for a season. It may taste good in the moment, but its bitter taste in the end will sour any memories of the fun and leave people incredibly empty.

For most parents, this is a lesson we can teach because of our own struggles with the enticement of sin. Now that you’ve matured, remember those struggles whenever you are trying to get your children to understand your rants and lectures. It’s easy to forget the sins of our youth, although sometimes lingering consequences will remind us of the past and can be painful. But when you recall those times, think of them as a way of understanding what your children are experiencing.

Seek to help them understand how only the power of Christ can protect them and prevent them from giving in to sin!

Parenting Principle

If it looks, smells, tastes and woos — be careful. It probably bites!

Proverbs 1:10

Taken from Once a Day Nurturing Great Kids


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