Away with Idols

Since the days of Solomon, the Israelites had wrestled with idolatry and heinous sin. They worshiped false gods, practiced temple prostitution and even offered their children as sacrifices, as horrible as that sounds. In order to lead the people out of their immorality, King Josiah ordered the destruction of all idols and altars. He removed the visible temptations that might have enticed people to return to idolatry.

We can make idols of many things, including money, power and sex. To destroy our idols, we may need to ask God to give us a different attitude toward money and success. We may need to simplify our lives and reorder our priorities. We may have to address our lust or craving for big-boy toys. We need to remove the temptations that lure us down the road of idolatry.

2 Kings 23:24

Taken from NIV Busy Dad’s Bible


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